Accounting and Additional Services

The accounting and additional services department provides support for the firm's clients in various fields, while creating a framework including financial services, maintaining personal and direct contact with the client and understanding his needs.

The services of the department include:

  • Accounting services for business companies, associations and non-profit organizations, including submitting reports to the authorities as required by the law
  • Salary accounting services, preparing salaries, current and annual reports to the institutions
  • Bookkeeping services for companies, individuals, associations, and non-profit organizations including the preparation of monthly reports for clients
  • Assistance and support during required reports for associations and non-profit organizations, while representing them before the Registrar of Associations and Allocations, including receiving seals proper management and assistance in receiving financial support
  • Examining the personal liability procedures on behalf of the government offices
  • The services of an expert salary examiner according to the law