Accounting and Auditing

The audit department in the Stark & Stark accounting firm provides auditing services and editing of financial reports for corporations and businesses, including partnerships and individuals. The service is performed by a trained team, who provides dedicated and professional service to Israeli and international companies, non-profit organizations, local authorities, government offices and public corporations. This is done by gathering expertise and professionalism of generally accepted accounting principles in Israel (Israeli GAAP) and abroad (IFRS) and by using the ethical code.

The Department’s Expertise
The Stark & Stark accounting firm has vast knowledge and understanding of the fields of external auditing in different and various fields, such as:

Real Estate – We work with investment real estate companies, project entrepreneurs and investments in real-estate in Israel and around the world.

Technological companies – We work with high-tech companies, start-up companies in various fields, software, hardware, medical equipment, patents and more. We provide services to companies investing in the international market and international corporations.

Industry, services and trade companies - The services given to such companies also includes service to subsidiary companies of public companies, which submit their reports according to the IFRS regulations. Companies with an international investment structure receive this service as well.

Gas and oil companies, infrastructure companies – We offer auditing and editing of financial reports for gas, oil and infrastructure companies, including editing special opinions for court and settling disputes between organizations, as mentioned above.

Non-profit organizations and companies for the benefit of the public – We also offer auditing and editing of financial reports for organizations of the third sector (non-profit organizations) while assisting in submitting the online reports required by the law in order to receive the proper management approval.

Government accounting – We provide auditing and editing of financial reports of government offices and statutory authorities.

Local authorities – We offer annual and semi-annual auditing and editing of financial reports.

Education and academic institutions – We provide auditing and editing of financial reports for educational institutions and academic institutions according to the instructions of the Council for Higher Education.

Health Care –We also offer auditing and editing of financial reports for corporations in the health care system, hospitals and nursing homes.