Business and Economic Counseling

The business and economic counseling department provides counseling services and supervision of clients, while assessing the financial situation.

The professional assessment takes into consideration the risks involved in making decisions in the financial and management field, while examining the existence of suitable financial resources or locating new resources and funding sources.

The department’s services:

  • Providing opinions and business counseling, including economic opinions for court
  • Counseling for businesses during negotiations with banks for reducing finance costs and defining the necessary credit for long and short terms in order to create an optimal capital structure
  • Creating business plans
  • Assistance in building budgets and budget control
  • Value estimates and economic calculations
  • Senior positions in the directorate of public and government companies, including banks and heading audit committees
  • Counseling on the subject corporate governance, which defines positions in the senior organizations, and prepares a corporate governance code and an ethical code
  • Creating solutions for dealing with regulations while having in-depth knowledge of the public sector

These services are given to clients of the firm, among them business companies, non-profit organizations and more.