Internal Audit and Risk Management

The Stark & Stark accounting firm has approximately 20 years of experience in conducting internal audits and investigative audits in different organizations, including: government offices, corporations according to the law, public companies, private companies, and associations, as well as companies for the benefit of the public and academic institutions. Our experience, skill and professional conduct create a broad range of comprehensive solutions for the client according to his unique needs. This provides a substantial benefit to the management of the organizations.

The Department’s Expertise:

The Stark & Stark accounting firm is in favor of the internal audit approach that combines efficiency, risk management and the effectiveness of control, while assisting in the preparation and implementation of procedures in order to reduce and prevent mistakes, embezzlement and fraud, while granting added value to the entire organization and the organizations working within it.

The partners of the firm serve as internal auditors and assist and advise internal auditors in the organizations. The internal auditing services include:

  • Risk surveys
  • SOX audits
  • Investigative auditing
  • Internal audit for private and public companies
  • Internal audit for government offices and statutory authorities
  • Internal audits for associations, non-profit organizations
  • Assistance in preparing procedures and implementing them
  • Investigative auditing for non-profit organizations as required by the government