Receivership, Dismantling and Recuperation Plans

Stark & Stark focuses on recuperation of companies and organizations, with the partners of the firm serving as the receivers and special managers, and the professional team providing the practical expertise on the subject. The service the firm provides is high-quality and flexible, adapted to the needs of the clients and finds the balance between cost and benefit.

The firm provides recuperation services for corporations, receivership and dismantling of companies, which include:

  • Recuperation plans for business corporations and non-profit
  • Changing financial structure and re-organization
  • Comprehensive examinations
  • Complementary services in the fields of legal deliberation (assistance to people in the field, including providing an expert opinion in court)
  • Arbitration (or assistance with arbitration procedures, including value assessment), trusteeship and more
  • Examining the personal liability procedures on behalf of government offices
  • Receivership and dismantling