About Us

The Firm’s Vision and Goals

Stark & Stark Certified Public Accountants has set itself the goal of being the leading provider of various services. Personal relations and professional service are the philosophy leading and guiding the firm on a daily basis. The firm is obligated to provide its clients the most professional and high-quality service, while maintaining integrity, decency and a professional ethic, all while showing respect to all.

We are proud of our employees and committed to maintaining their high level of professionalism and the quality of their service provided to all of our clients. Meanwhile, we are constantly striving to improve the level and quality of the various services we provide. We strive to continue to grow, develop and renew as a firm, in order to be a dominant factor in the accounting field in Israel.

Three Steps to Success

Answering the Unique Needs of the Client

While recognizing the different needs of each client, the firm makes sure that its services are tailor-made to each client. This is done after personal analysis and professional and meticulous planning of the client’s needs. The working relationship between the client and the firm is managed through a permanent contact person, a partner in the firm, who runs the actual working process; he directs the different work to the relevant professional factors in the firm, and all of this is done so that the work will be done in the best and most professional way. If necessary, deliberations, analysis and counseling will take place with the relevant experts in the field or in a larger framework. This unique and personal approach enables full understanding of the client’s business, and assists all of us in handling professional challenges and maneuvering successfully in the business world.

Providing the Best Service While Striving for Excellence

The firm is committed to providing professional and personal service at the highest level. As a result of this obligation, the professional team of the firm is handpicked and committed to achieving these goals. All of the Certified Public Accountants, interns, bookkeepers and the rest of the employees are educated and have years of knowledge and experience in providing accounting services, taxation and economic work. The partners and employees of the firm have vast experience in the private and public sectors, in Israel and abroad.

We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism, while doing accurate work and maintaining schedules. We strive for excellence, while cooperating and taking care of the client and his needs.

Providing Additional Value and Updated Information While Providing Personal, Professional and Dedicated Service

In the framework of our occupation we put a lot of emphasis on professional updates and implementing them on a regular basis, as well as maintaining the client’s privacy. We assist the client through all of the business procedures, from the phase of starting an independent business, through professional assistance, and all the way to assisting business companies, associations, government bodies and others in a range of various fields. We believe in providing added value to the client and striving to enhance our professional knowledge on a regular basis through our partnerships with the IAPA network, which is an international network of approximately 220 accounting firms from all around the world, and the constant study of all the latest innovations.